About Bryan Edmund 
Bryan Edmund is a top producing Facebook advertising strategist & the founder of Consulting Entourage, Inc. He helps many companies in a variety of industries profit wildly through strategic digital adverting campaigns. He is personally managing a large amount of digital ad spend on behalf of his clients and has been able to consistently prove ROI. 

Bryans clients are some of the fastest growing companies, brands, and social influencer in the U.S. market and he has helped them gain choke holds in their respective markets online. 

He also works with high profiled entrepreneurs and social media influencers who are on a mission to move this world forward through the products and services they offer. 

Inspiring people and creating social impact by generating amazing results for the selective clients Bryan chooses to work with is why he gets out of bed in the morning. 

Impact, integrity, growth, and contribution are Bryan's core values and every one of his clients can attest to it.

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"Bryan and his team have done an amazing job strategizing & implementing a proven digital marketing strategy that is consistently generating high quality leads. 

We just launched a High-Ticket Coaching Funnel and within the first month I closed 6 new clients... that's worth over $15,000 in sales!!!

Do yourself a favor and give Bryan a call about his service. One conversation could change your life & your business forever!"
Rachele Brooke Smith
Actress & CEO of Unbreakable Productions 
Disruptive Apparel & Disruptive Academy 
"Bryan's knowledge, advice, & execution has completely flipped my perception on Facebook ads and marketing funnels. I wish I had someone to implement these strategies into my business a long time ago... 

I'd have even more raving fan customers!"
Tony Rodrigues  
CEO at NJ Property Shop 
Real Estate Broker at Keller Williams Commercial and 
Broker Associate at Keller Williams Mid-Town Direct Realty

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